Why are document folders included in urls?

Take the following example from the Pimcore demo site: https://demo.pimcore.fun/en/shared/includes/footer

“shared” and “includes” are folders and can’t have any content associated with them so I can’t work out why they appear in the URL at all.

Generally, when building websites I make sure that every part of the url’s path is an actual page that can be navigated to so this seems odd to me.

If folders are meant to be just a way of organising documents in the CMS then shouldn’t they be excluded from the URL?

The exact problem I’m trying to solve is how to remove the “articles” folder from the urls of each article so that, for example, the url for article 1 is /blog/article-1 and not /blog/articles/article 1.

Is this possible to do?

----articles (folder)
------article 1
------article 2


You don’t have to use folders - why not just put your articles directly below the document blog?

Or use pretty URLs

Because I don’t want the article to appear in my sites navigation. I know that I could ask content authors to always make sure they tick the “exclude from navigation” option on all article pages but no doubt they will forget sometimes and then random articles would be showing up in the navigation.

At first glance, putting all articles into a folder seemed like the perfect solution to that, and it is, but then the issue above gets introduced whereby the slug for articles includes the folder name.

Sounds to me like data objects would probably be the safer solution (especially with different untrained editors).