Why is it so difficult to add an extension?!?


I have pimcore 5.4.3 installed (no thanks to a really clunky upgrade process), and I’m just trying to get the stable version of w-vision/import-definitions#1.2.1 installed. I follow the install process:

composer require w-vision/import-definitions

And everything seems fine, no errors. Except ImportDefinitions doesn’t show up in the extensions manager list to enable.

I’ve read in several different places that in Pimcore 5 everything is now installed as a symfony bundle. But I’ve also read that you need to extensions need to be registered in the AppKernel.php, though there is no documentation on how to best do that.

Any suggestions?


Pimcore Bundle is truly a Symfony bundle, but it is also some extension to it. You can see it in the main bundle class:

  • symfony bundle (like e.g. this one extends from Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Bundle\Bundle)
  • Pimcore bundle extends from Pimcore\Extension\Bundle\AbstractPimcoreBundle

As you can see in the Import Definition main bundle file it extends from the CoreShop Resource main Bundle file and finally, it extends from AbstractPimcoreBundle.

And now you have to know that Pimcore Bundles DO NOT have to be registered in the AppKernel -only clean Symfony Bundles needs it. Pimcore is taking care of it somewhere in \Pimcore\Extension\Bundle\PimcoreBundleLocator::findBundles

So going to your problem the only what I’ve got in my mind is:

  • you can try to clean your Pimcore/Symfony cache
  • you need to be sure do you have correct files in the vendor directory
  • you can try to debug this findBundles or maybe even better \Pimcore\Extension\Bundle\PimcoreBundleLocator::findComposerBundles

I hope it helps a little,
Kind Regards


@hubbardmichael you will never be able to install the latest 1.2.1 release into Pimcore 5. 1.2.1 is only for Pimcore <= 4 and therefore will never be able to enable/install on Pimcore 5. Please go ahead und use the latest beta or dev-master.


Thank you both for your help.

I’m going to suggest the w-vision people add supported version to the stable 1.2 github readme.


I am the maintainer of ImportDefinitions. 1.2 will never be able to run on Pimcore 5. 2.0 is in the making and will be released within couple of weeks. If you wanna use it, install dev-master.