Why Version Tab display 500 Internal Server error?

@vaishaliPimcore most of the time we get this error in versions when the version file in not present in the code base but the version id is present in the db, mostly in cases when var/versions is excluded from git.The file is not pushed but the id is stored in the db

What error are you getting when you enable the dev mode?

@neha we need to check then, if an object is published, it should re-publish only them.
Is it possible by batch edit in grid?
I try using filter. But version is not creating by grid and I need new Versions by mass-save.

Yes you can apply filter and then batch publish all.
I am on latest pimcore version and versions are getting created when i batch update all.

Also if the object is already published why you want to publish them again?

@neha We need new Versions for every object for every class because version-tab-display-500-internal-server-error

Then batch update must work.