Workflow for existing product

Hallo community,

how should I create a new workflow for existing products? For example, I have one product live, and want to change one attribute value. But the new value should be approved before it will goes on production. I’m thinking about a “unpublished version” of the object, but don’t know how to implement it with code. I need to save new value in the new unpublished version of the object, and when merge it into current published one. Suddenly, I can’t use the" versions" feature of the Pimcore, because I use this feature already for the multichannel attributes.

Thank you in advance!

if you can’t use version, you have to built it all for your own.
Best practice for that usecase would be to use Pimcores workflow engine and versions.


Hi Christian,

and thanks a lot for the reply. I am sorry, I confused the versions with the variants. So, i’m using variants for the multichannel attributes, but i still can use versions for the unpublished changes. Does it means, i have to write additional functionality for the transitions, where i can search for the newer unpublished version of the published object, use it (or create) for the state “edit” and then publish the object in the “validate” transition?

Thank you again in advance!