Workflow save race condition


I’m running into a race condition with workflows. We have a transistion “workflow.copywriting.leave.copywriting” that translates the name and description of a product and saves the product.

However in AdminBundle/Controller/Admin/WorkflowController.php : 114 another save is triggered after the transistion has been done. That overwrites the save in my transition and empties the name and description fields again. This save seems totally unnecessary to begin with, since notes and workflow states are not part of the abstract object anyway. Can I create a pull request that removes this whole part:

$transition = $this->getTransitionByName($workflow->getName(), $transition);
$changePublishedState = $transition instanceof Transition ? $transition->getChangePublishedState() : null;

if ($saveSubject && $subject instanceof AbstractElement) {

    if (method_exists($subject, 'getPublished')
        && (!$subject->getPublished() || $changePublishedState === ChangePublishedStateSubscriber::SAVE_VERSION)) {

    } else {